The Truth Behind Hiphop 9 “Tactical Reprieve”

 Letting Go



 Trojan Horse 2 Pride of Life


 Identity Crisis




Tricky Treats (Halloween, Harvest Festival)

EX Ministries Responds to | Preachers of LA

EX Ministries would like to thank you, the body of Christ for your support and prayers during our first season of EXTV.  In addition, we would like to also thank our production staff and the Adamant Believer Council Family. Stay tune we will be back for season 2 of EXTV.  Please revisit our archives below and other ministry materials at www.exministries.com



Episode 12 | Megafest (Revisited)

Episode 11 | Thieves in the Temple

                                                                           Episode 10 | Reality Television


Tonight! Live DVD Recording | The Truth Behind Hip Hop 9 Tactical Reprieve

EX Ministries has been informing you of the plight of the enemy against our youth since the 90’s. This live DVD recording will be no different! In this powerful message, G. Craige Lewis will be covering the music of our culture’s youth and the plan of the enemy to make a powerful last stand against …

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COUNTDOWN to The Truth Behind Hip Hop 9 Tactical Reprieve | Day 9 Prayer

COUNTDOWN to The Truth Behind Hip Hop 9 Tactical Reprieve | Day 9 Prayer God, pull down the high places that many of our preachers have placed themselves in. Remove the Babylonian garments, the idols, and the hierarchal positioning above one another. Restore the meekness of being called and the humility it requires so believers can …

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