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Aug 12

Error of Man: Bill to allow transgender students to choose bathrooms


Bill to allow transgender students to choose bathrooms moves to California governor’s desk

A bill that would let school kids use whatever bathroom or play on whichever sports team they believe matches their gender identity – and not necessarily their anatomy – is on the desk of California Gov. Jerry Brown.
Brown won’t say what he …

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Jul 26

U.S. Senators Issue Clarion Call for Christians to Stand Up and ‘Turn This Country Around’


By: Garrett Haley |
Two up-and-rising Christian senators spoke before a private gathering of several hundred evangelical pastors last Friday in central Iowa, calling for a return to Christian freedoms and values in America.
Senators Ted Cruz of Texas and Rand Paul of Kentucky each made an appearance at this year’s “Iowa Renewal Project”—a two-day convention attended by …

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