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Nov 20

Christian Night Club: “Go Ye Therefore and Proclaim Fun!”

Founder Jj Jones and his rap group rock out at the Phi Light Lounge. A couple of Christians in Michigan use the ‘Night Club’ setting to connect churches, share testimonies, and proclaim the gospel – and they just celebrated their 1 year anniversary. Photo by Charlotte Bodak

Laid-Back Michigan ‘Night Club’ Allows Christians, Non-Believers to Express Themselves
By Tyler O’Neil, CP Reporter
“I wanted to show people that Christianity is fun,” Darryll Stinson, event coordinator at the Phi Light Lounge told The Christian Post in an interview on Monday. “You can worship God in dance, you can worship Him in your testimony, or even …

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Oct 22

Church Accused of Embezzling Over $40M To Fund Pastor’s Wife’s Hip Hop Career


Church Accused of Embezzling Over $40M To Fund Pastor’s Wife’s Hip Hop Career
In one of the worst allegations of church misconduct of all time, Kong Hee, the Pastor, and five other leaders at City Harvest Church in Singapore have been accused of misusing over $40 million dollars in church funds to fund the hip hop career of the pastor’s …

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Aug 30

Kanye West “I’m a disciple of Christ”


Kanye West “I’m a disciple of Christ” You will know them by their fruit
By Tetaun Moffett | Ex Ministries
In the world we live everybody is a professing “Christian” and those that are deceived will live and die assuming that they are a follower of Christ. But… many will say – (Matt 7:21-23 false disciples).  Lately there …

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