Oct 18

G. Craige Lewis Preachers of LA interview


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  1. dbm

    excellant God Bless you

  2. jassel

    t hank God for you pastor G Craig you open my eyes to alot of things i didnt know .your first video help lead me to Jesus Christ.i thank God that he
    drew me to him and that i have a teacher of the word that is no nonsense guy i love praying with you too,very powerful

  3. Tonja

    This is a sad case when so called “Men of God” need that much validation they will sell their souls. I personally deleted my face book page. Because I had a problem with self idolatry all that picture taking of myself seeking the approval of my facebook friends.

  4. Tala

    Although I missed this interview when it aired live. I am glad to know that more people who may not have the knowledge of what’s really going on behind the scenes got the opportunity to hear it first hand. Thanks again EX ministries for standing in BOLDNESS against the wiles of the enemy. Continue to do God’s work by shining His light on the evil of our day. God bless!

  5. Derrick

    Praise God for this interview, thank you Pastor Lewis for keeping the body of Christ informed.

  6. Deacon T

    Prayer indeed! Thank God for men and women who have not tired of standing up for the truth that is in the word of God! The saddest part (in my opinion) is that there are many SOULS that are following these people… and people wonder why the church has so many problems witnessing to people and not able to justify the OVERALL actions of the church. For example, foolishness like the Preachers of LA!!!

  7. prince

    may God bless G Craig continually sharing the truth with us,by their fruit we will know them..

  8. Patricia

    I enjoyed this interview. We as Christians need stop watching anything. Almost everything on TV is garbage. Shame on these men that call themselves pastors.

    1. Tonja

      I agree Patricia the more I read the Bible and spend time in prayer the more the Lord reaveals to me the degradation of TV.

  9. Lynn Wilson

    I was looking where to sign the petition to cancel Preacher Of LA. Where can I find it????

  10. Marlon

    Great interview. When I heard of what TD Jakes said about the show, I was like “but didn’t you have Tyler Perry laying hands on you” I was so confused.

  11. JP

    I love it, I love it when you tell the truth! God bless you Pastor Lewis. Thank you and your ministry and allowing God to use you to share with His people. May the Lord continue blessing you, your family and the ministry.

  12. Pastor T

    Enjoyed your comments. I refuse to watch and the commericals alone are making me sick! Praying Time!

  13. Dan

    The more I see Pastor Lewis, the more I see a true man of God. Thank you for standing on His word.

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