Jan 01

Happy New Year from all of us at EX Ministries



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  1. candice

    Thanks 4 de greeting and Happy New Year to u all.

  2. jo jo 38

    Happy new year EX Ministries. Thank all of u for laboring in the gospel. Your love and dedication for truth i truly admire. May 2014 be as blessed and even greater than 2013. Again thank you for being an unwavering light that really does shine and is set apart for all to witness.i am so glad that ur light doesn’t flicker when the enemy does his thing. Ur unmoveable in ur faith, something that those of us who listen to ur sermons, buy ur dvds, and most important feed on the word can all appreciate. Praying always in the Spirit for all. Grace and peace be multiplied toward the entire EX Ministries and ABC church family.

  3. Zyhone

    I thank and praise the Lord for EX Ministries. Your sacrifice and obedience to God has enlightened and positively many people affected so many people. Pray that God will supernaturally bless the ministry with increase to make up for seeds that have not been sown in obedience. The ministry have inspired so many that you may not see until the rewards are dispensed in the Kingdom. Keep up the anointed work, continue to fear the Lord only and speak the truth. I miss the videos, but know that you have to flow with the Holy Spirit. Great expectations in 2014.
    P.S. I still don’t know who won the trivia’s at the end of the videos (?)!

  4. Po8t

    Happy New Years!!!

  5. DWatch

    A happy and very blessed 2014 to all
    at EX Ministries!

  6. Teishia

    Happy New year to ya’ll! Praise the Lord for another year!

  7. Darlene Brown

    Thank You!


  8. sipho


  9. Zed Thomas

    Happy New Year and may God bless you a
    nd your family.

  10. Stan Rogers

    Happy New year…keep bringing the truth.

  11. Steven

    Happy New a Year.

  12. Herman Cade

    Thank you EX Ministries!!! I pray that 2014 will bring much more of God’s word and His truth. You have trully been a blessing to me in my walk with the Lord…and I really appreciate the ministry.

  13. Armedia Major

    Happy new year to you all at ex ministries.

  14. Darla

    Happy New Year to everyone at Exministries! May the Lord continue to bless you as you continue to spread the truth of Gods Word!

  15. NMD

    Happy New Year EX MINISTRIES!

  16. Ariel Calais

    Happy New Yeas

  17. Bosun Salako

    Happy New Year G.Craig Lewis and all your faithful follower in Ex-ministries. I really appreciate the great work that Lord as been doing in your life. The true living God of David is using you to open many people inner eyes and inner mind through your teaching. I am from Republic of Ireland ,originally from Ogun State Nigeria west cost of Africa. I never thought that an African American preacher can also have a deep understanding of the spiritual world. I always thought it was only us African than understood that ”The Spiritual World runs the Physical world”. The power of the Holy Ghost is truly in you. My prayer for you and your ministry is that, the good work that you have started may continue to overflow not only in America but also in Europe , Asia ,South America and even the continent of Africa. In the name above every other name, you and your faithfully follower in Christ will dance with Joy and Peace throughout the year of 2014,in the name of Jesus. AMEN.

  18. Real Woman of God

    Happy New Year!!

  19. ZOJ

    Yes!!!…happy new year…Praise the Lord, we made it through another fantastic year….my family has been blessed right and left and we thank God for that greatly….can’t wait to see what He has in store for us this next coming year…..God Bless you all as well!!!

  20. DONNA


  21. MeelaSuite

    Thanks! Love this ministry! You guys have definitely helped me prepare my heart and mind for this new year.

  22. Humbert

    Thank Jesus for this ministrie, and for pastor Lewis and his team for bringing the truth as it should be brought.
    May the lord bless us all to stand much stronger for the upcomming challenges in this new year 2014.

    Jesus is lord.

  23. Tia

    Happy New Year, Elder Lewis! May GOD’s blessings continue to chase you and overtake you, your family, and all of the staff at EX Ministries!

  24. Debra Jones

    Happy New Year and thank you for all u do in helping us stay strong and learning the truth throughout the year.

  25. big b

    Happy new year

  26. Simply Maria

    Happy New Year to The Lewis family and exministries staff from the bay area! (almost a new year for us) may 2014 bring us more encouraging words and a call to action. We do not have time to sit on the sidelines as a spectator. We must get in the game and be witnesses for Christ! Peace and blessing and continued favor in all our lives!!!

  27. Charla

    Happy New Year! Thanks for all the rhema! Hope to visit in a couple weeks!

  28. Angela Williams

    Same to you. Happy New Year!!!

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