Jan 29

Illinois: Turn guns in to get free weed

Illinois Tells Residents To Turn Guns In To Get Free Marijuana

From ellmenow.com

weed-1140x641In Illinois, public officials have proposed a plan that would allow residents to give up their Second Amendment rights in order to obtain medical marijuana.  As early as April, plans could be approved that would outline guidelines for the legal growing, selling, and purchasing of medical marijuana for 41 different medical conditions ranging from cancer to aids – because the people buying and selling marijuana are really good at following the rules. The Chicago Tribune reports: Patients who want to qualify for medical marijuana in Illinois would have to be fingerprinted for a background check and pay $150 a year — and give up their right to own a gun, state officials proposed Tuesday.Now we all know that the ones doing the selling of this illegal substance will come up with any excuse in the book to get it into the hands of the people willing to pay for it, however illegitimate their medical needs are.  And vice versa, I’m sure the state will see a huge spike in the 41 different ailments that medical marijuana will be prescribed for.  When you can get pot for complex regional pain syndrome, something tells me there will be a lot more people floating around in “severe pain”.

So basically, Illinois residents may soon be given the opportunity to trade one of their most important constitutional rights to engage in illegal activity.  Sounds like the gun grabbers are so eager to get weapons out of the hands of the public that they are actually willing to give us weed in return.  It’s really not a surprising little scheme considering the current state of affairs – give us your guns and you can smoke all the pot you want!  You’ll be up a creek without a paddle when it comes time to defend yourself, but seeing as you’re high as a kite, I guess that’ll ease the blow. —– (H/T – MrConservative.com)


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  1. Rene

    This is insane. So is it legal for me to buy & sell marijuana under the reasoning it helps my clients deal with their medical conditions?! Looks like the law doesn’t apply to the gov because when it wants something it’ll break its own laws.

  2. Kerry Nichols

    This is no surprise obamacare, food stamps, welfare, why not weed there is s need to control their n base. They will decriminalized it soon.

  3. Joel Howard

    This is STUPID.these people have gone insane.

  4. YHWH is King

    Wow. Giving up a constitutional right to defend yourself in order to get high. This antichristian government is going to see it’s demise sooner than later. When the soldiers of the antichrist come knocking on your door and u don’t have firearms to defend yourself then what? Take the mark or die for God.

    1. Wambugu

      Why does Christ come in in this equation… It’s weed and GUNS.

      1. Dickens

        Christ is in every equation, Even weed and guns.

      2. Ema

        He meant ‘antichristian’ because POTUS has said a few times that he is a christian, but I’m not buying it and his ‘actions’ prove otherwise.

        1. YHWH is King

          Lol bless you in the name of God’s Messiah Jesus Christ. For a minute i thought i made my statement to complex and strangely worded. But you and Dickens and the rest of the faith send to understand it just fine. 🙂 Maranatha

  5. Sharmanya Blanch

    This is so crazy. They are using marijuana to control people. They tell you it’s for people who has any illness but now they are using it for any thing.

  6. Donna Cuthbertson

    The devil can’t cast out the devil

  7. Mike

    I can’t really speak on the guns right issue as I’m British, however, guns for weed? I don’t think that’ll be a wise idea. Plus from what I heard, Chicago’s murder rate is ridiculously high, and with weed in the criminals or “gang banger’s” system, it would make matters worse.

  8. Stan Rogers

    Huhh?????????? Give up the guns for weed and get arrested for trafficking? What’s the point?

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