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No Rules, No Religion, Kirk Franklin has made his decision!

No Rules, No Religion, Kirk Franklin has made his decision!

By G. Craige Lewis | EX Ministries

Kirk Franklin is trying hard to sell his newly embraced doctrine of inclusion. He has already proclaimed that he has lost his religion (God’s true religion of the bible is described in James 1:27). Now he is going back to his original statement of the God’s Property days “For those of you that think that Gospel Music has gone too far!” Kirk Franklin is now embracing antichrist secular artists! He is embracing the likes of 2Chainz and Kanye West to collaborate on music together.

Kanye calls himself Yeezus, which is equivalent in his mind to Jesus Christ. He uses antichrist symbolism and has even taken God’s name out of the bible and replaced it with his?? There is not a single musical artists as antichristian as Kanye and yet many in the church embrace his music and now Kirk is uniting in fellowship with him to do music together. Eph. 5:11 And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them. The bible is clear, but when you lose your religion, you lose the foundation of God’s word because Christianity is a religion and rests upon biblical truths. But when you are struggle to stay relevant and you feel that music is all that you can do, then you are forced to continue to compromise and lead many astray.  In this clip of BET’s celebration of Gospel, Kirk is shown grabbing at his penis while dancing sensually and performing his so no religion “gospel” music.

These things continue to go uncorrected and approved of because when you have fellowship with works of darkness, you cannot reprove them. And when you write lyrics like “no rules, no religion” then you cut off accountability and forfeit wise counsel. This is an epidemic in this current generation. And as time progresses, we will continue to see artists and their fans denounce the true biblical standard of God and accept inclusion, Hebrew Israelite and race based beliefs, Islam, Hip Hop, and other antichrist doctrines that are causing the great falling away.

Time to pray people. Jude 4 For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ.




























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  1. J. Wesson

    It’s sad to see the De-evolution of Kirk Franklin. I’m surprised he still has a fan base because all he does is remix old music and label it as “christian.”? He is already throwing up the three 6’s at :09 sec of the frame. He has long been jumped into the illumanti. And Christians are following him and his music, when he is clearly grasping for fame and wanting to stay relevant. There is no gospel in doing worldly dances for applause. Just sad.

  2. Demond Walker

    IT’s sad to say that we people say they have God now,and the question is that does God have they life. When God has your life you are not the same as you use to be,and there are so many saying this but the fruit speaks for it self.
    The are so many people who have strayed away from the word of God, and god is lifting the vale off some of this mess. And people are following this like the pied piper, and we don’t even know the sound that’s going on in Christianity.
    The world is not you friend how are going to make friends with the same people that speak Blasphemy in there music, and your going to do a album with them. people need to be careful of following what he’s saying because its going make you lose your salvation the little foxes.

  3. spidababy99

    So…what does being ‘happy’ equate to a Jesus Christ? Sell and been souled out long time ago.

  4. Melissa

    I would rather not have these worldly riches and lose my soul! People are starting to fall away from the word of God.It’s written in His word that people would fall away before He comes back. Many are deceived but you can’t keep playing with fire before you get burned! I think that is what happened to Kirk he been playing both sides for too long and sooner or later one side is going to suck you in. In this case the dark side has gotten a grip on him!
    It does not matter how many songs you write and attach Jesus to them if you are not truly serving Him in the time of judgement He will say depart from me for I never knew you! This is not the time to be away from God! I hope that his heart will turn back to God before it’s to late. Satan does not care how far he takes you and have you making a fool of your self, he wants as many as he can get to follow him to hell. He knows his fate, and he don’t care about any of us! It’s time to wake up people of God and pray!

  5. Mellie

    Has anyone paid attention to the lyrics take me to the King? Kirk Franklin writes :
    “No Rules, No Religion, I made my decision. And we have just been singing these lyrics and not paying attention because “Kirk Franklin” wrote it. We will continue to pray that the eyes of the blinded will be opened, In Jesus Name Amen.

    1. Clayton

      Wow. I never paid attention to those words in that song.

    2. Melissa

      I never really paid that any attention! Thanks for the information. We need to really know what we are singing these days.


    Ezekiel 22:26 Her priests have violated my law, and have profaned mine holy things: they have put no difference between the holy and profane, neither have they shewed difference between the unclean and the clean, and have hid their eyes from my sabbaths, and I am profaned among them.

  7. Kamesha Gordon

    My mother insisted on watching the gospel fest when I visited last week. It was the most ridiculous so called Christian event I ever seen. Kirk’s pants were sagging, he was jirating all about, and even grabbing at his croch.

  8. Juanda

    You can’t serve two masters because you can only love one! If deception was easy to spot, it would not be the tool of choice satan uses to defeat nations and peoples. Don’t forget that, “holiness without, no man shall see God”! In short, carnality and half-hearted efforts to keep the Faith, picking and choosing which Scripture(s) to “pearl-clutch” can only lead to hell! Finally, please don’t believe that grace without true repentance covers sin. As John the Baptist cried, “Repent. The Kingdom of God is at hand.” Tiny Tim said, “God bless us all…every one.” Peace!

    1. Clayton

      Repentance seems to be a bygone action in the modern church. The contemporary attitude of the church allows folks to remain as they are without a change of heart.

  9. Dix

    The church has a Laodiecan spirit and an itching ear characteristic model that is uses draw people to performance preaching and entertaining music. The spirit of man is left in confusion, and as it were, because there is no difference in the pulpit to that of the life they live in the world.

    Much prayer is needed for the church today as we run after the things of the world, but hunger and thirst for the ways God. Brother Kirk needs to return to his first love.

  10. Faith

    I see the OK sign (666) being raised……

  11. 5 StranG

    Mr. Franklin has gained access to “the wizard” and does not at present have the strength to repent. When he gets the full brunt of his error…it won’t be too late to turn!

  12. Eva

    He needs his little narrow behind beat!!!

  13. Leslie

    There’s a huge push to boycott the Oscar’s. We as the Christian community should boycott the BET GOSPEL AWARDS show. I typically will not view any awards shows, but when it was announced that Taraji Henson would host, my curiosity kicked in. I said I must see how they would use Cookie to bring glory to our Father. From her phony praises to the tight pants and cleavage of other so called gospel greats, I couldn’t finish watching. Let’s boycott! That means let’s stop tuning in. Viewings=ratings=money! Time for consistent prayer and fasting. It’s the only way we’ll get our power to fight against darkness.

  14. greg johnson

    I was at the taping of the Celebration of Gospel and have not seen the finished product yet. I had walked out and headed home by the time Kirk Franklin took the stage.. I had an uneasy spiritual feeling in that venue.. one that I am still trying to articulate. I will say that I noticed a spirit on Kirk Franklin when he visited our station.. one that I had not discerned before.. I blew off that consciousness… when I saw him at COG in the crowd I felt it again.. now that I see this video and read this article, I am grieved….

  15. Paula

    Sigh…what more is there to be said that hasn’t already been said? Kirk has gone over to the dark side and it is only the mercy of God that will rescue him. A person who is deceived never knows he is deceived. My prayer is that God will break through and tear down that spirit of deception that has overtaken not just Kirk but the body of Christ all over the planet. We must daily ask God to keep us from deception. Keep in the Word peoples; keep on your knees; keep abiding in His Presence.

  16. kirq roberts

    A mess is what he is!

  17. M.

    Definitely a sad time for gospel music; I mean let’s not even talk about the celebration of “Gospel”. I heard it was marketed as the ‘Celebration of Gospel and R&B’ this is sad; the mixing of the Sacred and the Profane is just amazing. It’s time to just support local artists and worship singers who really just want to serve Christ because these so called gospel, well let’s call them inspirational artists, are not representing Christ. I’m not casting any stones at any of them but they need to repent FAST.

  18. Gieshla Moore

    We definitely need to pray for our brother. Kirk has been drifting towards this all along very subtlety. Something bigger is going on with him. I look at his face and eyes and he does not look like himself. Does the record company have such control of his wealth that he will deny the truth he knows a lean towards this false new age inclusion belief. I am concerned because he is such a “pie piper” of music and influencing others to use old music and put Jesus on it to call it contemporary gospel. He needs help and the whole Christian music industry needs help from the Lord.

  19. Mel

    We’re his pants sagging? At 50 years old? Really? I couldn’t tell for sure cause could not listen to this video. If wanted al green pumped into me I’d just go buy the cd! What Kirk has really lost is his mind.

  20. Darla

    Yet and still, you will have those to say: Let’s just pray for poor Kirk. Well poor Kirk knows exactly what he is doing! Jude 4 describes him perfectly.

  21. Terry Thompson

    Kirk is just a sad ,sad case of confusion. When you say you can’t understand why people do the things for attention, you see these types of individuals who always want to be accepted by the world. What’s really sad is we will have people who say they are Christian, and want see anything wrong with it. In our communities suffer cause we want to be seen and known, instead of knowing and seeing .Man I continue to pray for this ministry to keep uncovering the enemies agenda. Some of these guys are not fooling the people they think they are fooling. They know there not saved. K West knows Kirk always been shady. The way he talks and dance and make up in videos. The devil is a lie. You have to be in preschool to think you can serve two master. You will love one and hate the other. I know the one Kirk loves.

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