Aug 19

Prominent Michigan Pastor Repents for Past Support of Gay Marriage

Prominent Michigan Pastor Repents for Past Support of Gay Marriage

By Charisma News Staff | charismanews.com

David-Maxwell-Eliezer-Temple-ChurchOne of Lansing, Michigan’s most prominent black pastors, Bishop David Maxwell, had been quoted in the news media in May 2012 as saying that he agreed with homosexuals and lesbians who claim that so-called gay marriage is a “civil right.”

“Many of my comrades in the faith community have a struggle and cannot separate the theology with the civics of the president executing fairness and equity for all persons. It’s a civil right,” Maxwell, pastor of Eliezer Temple Church in Lansing, was quoted as saying at the time. “The sad thing about it is: You would have thought that the African-American pastoral or theological community would have sensitivity when they themselves have struggled civil rights-wise.”

Maxwell, who has also served as head of Mayor Virg Bernero’s Office of Faith-based Initiatives, praised President Obama’s support of gay marriage after attacking black pastors who opposed gay marriage.

He also praised the president for promoting an agenda to redefine marriage as other than between one man and one woman, “I think the president is to be commended. He did not allow his own Christian philosophy or theology to dominate his presidential responsibility.”

However, in a recent letter, Maxwell has clearly changed his mind regarding his support of marriage redefinition and his criticism of predominantly black churches as being “homophobic.”

“After reading statements attributed to me in a recent article, which did not completely state my position on same-sex marriage, and may lead some to view my statements as an endorsement of sort of same-sex marriage, I am compelled to set the record straight,” said Maxwell.

Maxwell, who had strongly supported gay marriage as a civil right in 2012, now says that “the ban on gay marriage is based upon its immorality.”

The bishop is also now calling for all Christians to take a stand against the LGBT agenda to redefine marriage stating, “It is incumbent that like-mined people of faith take a public stand against the practice of same-sex marriage and exercise our constitutional right to advance legislation that will cover all loopholes, and legally shut the door on same-sex marriage in our state and nation.”

In 1975 Esther Phillips sang a song called, “What a Difference a Day Makes.” The lyrics state, “What a difference a day made/24 little hours/ Brought the sun and the flowers where there used to be rain/ My yesterday was blue dear/ Today, I’m a part of you dear.”

There is indeed a story in every song we sing.

Maxwell, who used to be a part of the LGBT-advocacy demographic, apparently has found this position to be blue and is now happy to be a part of the Christian evangelical demographic, who choose to believe the Bible—that marriage is only between one man and one woman.

Minister Stacy Swimp of Greater Bibleway Temple in Jackson, Michigan, and founder of the Michigan-based Revive Alive Missional Ministry, is spokesperson for a national coalition of black pastors and Christian ministers who have taken a stand for traditional marriage.

“Bishop Maxwell had made himself an apostate,” said Swimp. “An enemy of the cross. However, it appears that the Word of God has finally settled into his heart, and he has repented from his former stance against God’s family. Hopefully, he will not again be swayed again, by selfish ambition and political favors,  to turn his back against God.”

Swimp’s coalition, represented by the Thomas More Law Center, has filed an amicus brief in support of traditional marriage.


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  1. jack

    Sex is not a civil right.

  2. Sonya

    Thank The Lord. I don’t see how anyone proclaiming to be a follower of Christ would support any level of the LGBT movement- spiritually or civically. Happy to hear that his heart was turned to God.

  3. 1servant

    this bishop didnt acknowledge his sin he just said the statements that were “attributed” to him did not present his stand clearly and now i guess he’s changed his mind. Sounds like he whole heartly was in consent to this sin and now his statements were takin out of content supposedly. hey bishop whose side are you on. Lord help us all to take a stand especially in the face of persecution!Godly sorrow were is it?(smh)

  4. Dan

    Nice that he some how came around, but I think he needs to resign.

  5. Bettina Broussard

    Jesus is the way the truth and the life He is the only.

  6. Kerry

    I’m not sure anything he says can be trusted. I did nog see repentance but him saying that his words may have misunderstood. He now says it’s a moral issued it was all the time. If he has clearly repented it will be seen soon.

  7. M.

    Praise The Lord. It’s good for him to realise how wrong Gay marriage is and now he’s standing for the truth.

  8. Emmanuel Unuafe

    There’s such a thin line between the truth of God’s Word and apostasy.

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